सूक्ष्म, लघु और मध्यम उद्यम मंत्रालय
Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

State more than 90 Days Pendency Report

  • S.No. MSME-DI State District Cluster Name Status Application Date Pendency Days from Application Date
    1 Hyderabad TELANGANA HYDERABAD Furniture Application forwarded to MSME-DFO 14/12/2020 724
    2 Hyderabad TELANGANA HYDERABAD Printer Clarification sought by MSME-DFO 12/12/2020 726
    3 Hyderabad TELANGANA RANGAREDDY Renderfarm CFC for 3D Animation and Video Gaming Application forwarded to MSME-DFO 15/11/2021 388
    4 Hyderabad TELANGANA SANGAREDDY Marketing Hub and Exhibition Center for Multiple Products Application forwarded with minutes of SLSC meeting 18/03/2020 995