सूक्ष्म, लघु और मध्यम उद्यम मंत्रालय
Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

State more than 90 Days Pendency Report

  • S.No. MSME-DI State District Cluster Name Status Application Date Pendency Days from Application Date
    1 Cuttack ODISHA BALANGIR Rice Mill DPR uploaded by SPV 24/12/2019 1666
    2 Cuttack ODISHA BARGARH Rice Mill Application forwarded with minutes of SLSC meeting for NLSC 24/12/2019 1666
    3 Cuttack ODISHA CUTTACK Engineering Industry Cluster Focus report uploaded by MSME-DFO 17/01/2020 1642
    4 Cuttack ODISHA KHORDHA Automobile Servicing Cluster Request for DPR by MSME-DFO 27/04/2021 1176
    5 Cuttack ODISHA PURI Marketing Hub under Cashew Cluster ,Ganjam Request for DPR by MSME-DFO 27/02/2020 1601