सूक्ष्म, लघु और मध्यम उद्यम मंत्रालय
Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

State more than 90 Days Pendency Report

  • S.No. MSME-DI State District Cluster Name Status Application Date Pendency Days from Application Date
    1 Chennai TAMIL NADU CHENGALPATTU Leather & Photo DPR uploaded by SPV 03/01/2022 788
    2 Chennai TAMIL NADU CHENGALPATTU Leather & Photo DPR uploaded by SPV 31/01/2022 760
    3 Chennai TAMIL NADU CHENNAI Gold Cluster, Clarification sought by MSME-DFO 30/10/2021 853
    4 Chennai TAMIL NADU COIMBATORE Gem and Jewellery Cluster Request for DPR by MSME-DFO 11/09/2020 1267
    5 Chennai TAMIL NADU COIMBATORE Natural Fibre, Agricultural products and Bio-degradable products. DPR uploaded by SPV 10/02/2022 750
    6 Chennai TAMIL NADU CUDDALORE Cement Pipes Application forwarded to MSME-DFO 14/07/2020 1326
    7 Chennai TAMIL NADU DINDIGUL Coir Cluster DPR uploaded by SPV 03/01/2022 788
    8 Chennai TAMIL NADU KRISHNAGIRI Engineering and tool components DPR uploaded by SPV 01/02/2022 759
    9 Chennai TAMIL NADU RANIPET Printing DPR uploaded by SPV 18/02/2022 742
    10 Chennai TAMIL NADU THENI Fruit Processing Request for DPR by MSME-DFO 20/03/2021 1077
    11 Chennai TAMIL NADU TIRUCHIRAPALLI Engineering Cluster Application forwarded to MSME-DFO 11/12/2021 811
    12 Chennai TAMIL NADU TIRUPATHUR Printing and Cardboard printing DPR uploaded by SPV 02/02/2022 758
    13 Chennai TAMIL NADU VILLUPURAM Printing Press DPR uploaded by SPV 22/02/2022 738
    14 Chennai TAMIL NADU VIRUDHUNAGAR Lime Based Industries Application forwarded to MSME-DFO 30/12/2019 1523